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enabling sustainable
air mobility

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Our Vision

a truly sustainable regional air mobility network.

Currently the global aviation industry is 99.9% reliant on burning fossil fuels producing significant amounts of emissions. The future path of global warming heavily depends on Carbon neutral transport systems. Domestic air travel in the UK is currently limited to around 40 airports with only a small number of commercially viable routes.

The Electron 5 aircraft has ZERO emissions. It's unique capabilities enable an additional 700 existing general aviation airports to be utilised. Combined with an order of magnitude reduction in operating costs this greatly increases the number of commercially viable routes.

700 uk destinations

500,000+ NEW possible domestic routes

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  • Current destinations
  • New destinations
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Compared with other modes of transport

  • Bristol to Brussels Distance - 489km 304miles
    Driving time: 7hrs 21min
    (requires Eurotunnel or Ferry)
    Flying time: 1hrs 57min
    (+14min drive)
    Fare £42*
  • Belfast to Birmingham Distance - 355km 220miles
    Driving time: 7hrs 56min
    (requires a ferry)
    Flying time: 1hrs 25min
    (+21min drive)
    Fare £30*
  • Cardiff to Eindhoven Distance - 600km 373miles
    Driving time: 9hrs 11min
    (requires Eurotunnel or Ferry)
    Flying time: 2hrs 24min
    (+15min drive)
    Fare £51*
  • London to Newquay Distance - 353km 219miles
    Driving time: 5hrs 14min
    Flying time: 1hrs 25min
    (+18min drive)
    Fare £30*
  • Portsmouth to Paris Distance - 328km 204miles
    Driving time: 7hrs 2min
    (requires Eurotunnel or Ferry)
    Flying time: 1hrs 19min
    (+27min drive)
    Fare £28*
  • (*Price per passenger, based on £0.55 per mile and 4 seats)
Electric aircraft prototype

electron 5

A next generation all electric 5 seater aircraft

The only 5 seater fixed wing battery powered aircraft in the world. Designed to utilize today's battery technology in combination with cutting edge aerodynamics.

  • High aerodynamic efficiency due to laminar flow
  • Range: 400NM / 750km
  • Cruise Speed: 155mph / 250 km/h
  • Takeoff Distance: < 400m
  • Minimal investment for charging facilities
  • Low noise
  • Pilotless operation ready
  • Fully CAA/EASA/FAA approved*

* Electron will work with regulators to achieve certification.

About Us

Our mission is to make carbon neutral aviation a reality in the near term.

We are a small agile startup with experience in Aerodynamics, Design, CAD, Piloting, Rapid Prototyping, Agile Project Management, Requirements Gathering, Digital Prototyping, UX, Accessibility, Rapid Data Gathering and Mapping, Fundraising, Leadership and Management, Digital Marketing, Workshop Facilitation.

"We won't settle for anything less than a sustainable future."

The UK based company was founded in 2020 by Josef Mouris and Richard Blackwell. We are located in England and Wales.

"We reward innovation and accept the associated risks."

Our product development and production methods will leverage the best leading edge technology has to offer. In addition to this, to make future autonomous operation possible we will be working with leading AI developers.

"We participate in collaboration to promote the transfer of knowledge and skill."

The Team

Richard Blackwell portrait image, smiling

Richard Blackwell


Richard is an experienced problem solver with an eye for detail and the ability to see the bigger picture. Richard has strong leadership skills with an extensive background in managing high performance teams of digital engineers.

Joesf Mouris sitting in aircraft cockpit

Josef Mouris


Josef is an ex Flybe pilot with over 15 years experience. Josef has been working with a reputable aircraft manufacturer to design a more efficient propeller. A prototype of which has successfully flown in 2019.

James Ketchell standing next to aircraft

James Ketchell


James Ketchell is a serial adventurer, world record holder, inspirational public speaker, author and pilot. He brings a wealth of experience, contacts and drive to the team. He will be flying a prototype aeroplane around the world in 2024.

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Economic Benefits

The global transition to clean technologies presents us with a real opportunity. Creating jobs in the aerospace manufacturing industry and stimulating growth in the aviation transport sector.

Existing regional air transport has been struggling to be profitable in recent times due to low profit margins. Our electric aircraft will see a step change in operating cost reduction facilitating an increased profit margin and revitalising this industry.

"By 2030, we expect to see the emergence of entirely new aviation markets in the sub-regional and urban environments"

ati, accelerating ambition


This is a high growth business, we project a sales revenue of £1.1 Billion in 2035 with a potential operator revenue of £2 Billion in the UK alone.

"With just one passenger we can achieve price parity to rail travel in the UK."

Our initial entry into the market will be private aircraft owners, expanding to air taxi services.
The demand for green modes of transport has grown significantly over the last 10 years. Together with the massive decrease in cost of batteries, we believe this is the right time to start manufacturing high efficiency electric aircraft.

From the Aerospace Sector Deal;

'Boosting innovation through a joint industry and government investment in the Future Flight challenge, with up to £125 million of funding from the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, which industry will match. This programme will invest in developing demonstrators of new aircraft (such as drones and other electric aircraft), new models of airspace management, new approaches to ground support infrastructure and new markets for aircraft in local areas.'

Key financial figures include, a base price of £450,000. This is competitive with other 4 seater twin or single engine light aircraft with similar range and speed. In summary, our goal is to manufacture, certify and sell our first aircraft by 2025 (Phase 1-3).

We are currently seeking investment for Phase 1, a full size prototype propulsion system and a flying scale model. We will then quickly advance to Phase 2, demonstrating our vision with a full size flying prototype.

If this exciting opportunity resonates with you, get in touch!

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